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30 Jul 2017 - by Graham

This has been an important week for us... 

It was exactly one year ago last Thursday that Jivebeat became public knowledge. After months of secret planning, training, and rehearsing, on the 27th July 2016 - and much to everyone's surprise - I announced that I was launching Jivebeat, a new LeRoc modern jive dance club in east Surrey.

It was a massive decision to make, as dancing is my absolute passion and this announcement would undoubtedly affect my relationship with the people I danced with the most. But it felt like the right thing to do, and so with fingers, toes, and everything else crossed - and with the fantastic support of those around me - I made the announcement.

We opened our first venue on the 19th September, and the second a few days later. Since then we have shuffled things around a bit, found that some venues work better than others and that what makes sense to us doesn't always make sense to everyone else. We have changed our class format to suit our dancers better, and even introduced Contemporary Argentine Tango into our evenings (which was something I never expected to do at all!). We have evolved, we have adapted, and we have found our feet.

Since its launch, Jivebeat has seen a few ups and downs as first we gained confidence then something came along to shake us up, but there has never been any doubt that it was absolutely the right thing to do. Jivebeat is a part of me now, and through it I have met some amazing people. I have seen some of you find the same joy in dancing that I've had for years, and I've seen dance make a difference to people's lives.

But however much I put into it, Jivebeat would be nothing without you, so thank you every one of you for being a part of this incredible experience. Here's to many more years of music, dancing and laughter as Jivebeat continues to evolve and find new ways go give you amazing evenings and events.



So back to the normal newsletter, and let's start with a quick reminder of what we did at this week's classes. Don't forget that there are videos of the Fundamentals moves on our website so you can remind yourself what they looked like. We have also started filming the routine as a whole at the end of the class, and these videos are linked below...

Hurst Green

  • LeRoc: Short Neck Break / Lady Spin / First Move step-around (video here)
  • Tango: Barrida (slide / drag), and Gyro (turns).


  • LeRoc : Catapult / Step Across / Neck Break Double Mambo (video here)
  • Tango: Walking in tracks / Sandwich with Ochos and Ganchos

This Coming Week

As always at Jivebeat we have two great classes at one great price, as our venues are £8 entry for the whole night (concessions apply).

Thursday 3rd August @ Hurst Green (Oxted)

  • 8.00pm - Modern Jive fundamentals and progressive moves
  • 9.00pm - Argentine Tango
  • 9.45pm to 11.00pm - Freestyle 

Friday 4th August @ Sevenoaks

  • 8.00pm - Modern Jive fundamentals and progressive moves
  • 9.00pm - Argentine Tango
  • 9.45pm to 11.00pm - Freestyle

Forthcoming Events

Aug 12th - Priory Live in Orpington

Jivebeat will be providing the sound for the accoustic stage at this year's Priory Live event, and we will of course be doing demonstrations and talking to people about Jivebeat throughout the day. More details on our website soon.

Aug 19th - 20th Biggin Hill Festival of Flight

Jivebeat will be providing sound and lighting for the Vintage tent at this year's Festival, and will be doing demonstrations at various points throughout the day. More details on our website soon.

Aug 28th - Daisy Dog Vintage Fair in Oxted

This will be our fourth appearance at a Daisy Dog this year, and once again we will have our gazebo up in the garden and be demonstrating what we do throughout the day.

If you are around for any of these events then drop in and say hello!

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