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26 Feb 2018 - by Graham

We listen, and we respond. After a few queries about what classes we are running and how suited they are to absolute beginners, we are making a few tweaks to the timing of our class nights that will hopefully make everything a little more user-friendly. Don't worry... we're not losing anything, so we will still be teaching LeRoc and Tango and there will still be plenty of freestyle and practice time. But a number of people have told us that they can't see themselves starting to learn Argentine Tango without a dedicated "beginners" class, as joining into our existing "beginners & progressives" class first time is too scary. So we thought it was about time we did something about that, and here it is!

Starting this week we are going to be adjusting our schedule slightly to fit in a 20-minute "Argentine Tango Fundamentals" session into our class nights, so get out your diaries, sharpen your pencils, and take note... 

Our doors will continue to open at 7.45pm at all our evening venues (as they always have), but after that we're going to be packing things in a bit more than we have up to now. Times may vary a little, but this is what we're aiming for...

  • 7.55pm - Warm up. We will start the evening off with our usual warm-up routine at 7.55pm to get you going, as there is nothing quite like a few stretches to loosen things up before the dancing starts.
  • 8.00pm - LeRoc class. We will begin with the basics as always, then give you a few moves ranging from one of the fundamentals to something a bit more challenging.
  • 8.30pm - LeRoc practice session. Music for a few minutes whilst we sort ourselves out, grab a drink, and check in any late arrivals.
  • 8.40pm - Tango Fundamentals. A dedicated session for the absolute basics of Argentine tango, looking at walking, frame, hold, and some introductory steps and concepts. There will be a short gap at the end of this class for people to grab a drink and anything else that may be in our tuck shop (or the bar at Norwood).
  • 9.00pm - Tango Progressives. This will be our usual tango class, where we start with something fairly straightforward and then add to it and expand it throughout the session. We will keep everything accessible and where possible we will link it to the Fundamentals class to make the transition easier for anyone who wants to give it a go.
  • 10:00pm - Freestyle and Practice. Unchanged from our current structure, this will be the freestyle, social, music, and practice part of the evening. We will start off with some Tango-specific tracks for anyone who wants to concentrate on what they've just been learning, then play our usual mix of Tango, leRoc, and Crossover music until the end. If you want one-to-one help then come and find any of the crew and we will go through anything with you that you like.
  • 11.00pm - Close.

In theory this doesn't reduce our time available for doing anything. We have been letting things drift a bit at the start on some nights and the LeRoc class has often been around 30-40 mins long, so all this does is tighten up the schedule and make sure we get started on time.

And hopefully it will encourage new people to join us on our Argentine Tango journey.

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