Hard work, but worth every bit of it

08 Mar 2017 - by Graham

Back in 2016 when I decided to start Jivebeat, I knew it would be a lot of work to get it going, but even then I had no idea just how all-encompassing it would be. These days it seems as though every waking moment is filled with something to do with Jivebeat, from putting playlists and classes together, to delivering flyers or trying to find the best place to market the venues, to planning special events or private classes, to writing newsletters and blog posts, to creating marketing materials, writing and maintaining the website... and so it goes on.

But you know what? I wouldn't change a thing.

Running a dance club is rewarding beyond anything I could imagine. I get to see people enjoying themselves and having fun, I see them learning something that makes them smile and then making it a part of their lives. I get to watch as people find out what I did all those years ago, that dance is not just bouncing around to music, but is something that touches us deeply and changes our outlook on life. For me now, dancing is not just fun, it's part of who I am and has become as essential to me as breathing.

And I love sharing that passion with others.

I'm having a bit of a break over the next few days as I'm heading to Pontin's in Camber for the first of the local dance weekenders this year (the Ceroc one). The accommodation there is hardly luxurious, but nobody really cares as it's a chance to unwind, meet friends, and just dance, but we will be back on Monday at Crayford (Dartford / Bexley area) as usual and ready to go!

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