What happened to Sevenoaks Freestyle Fridays?

09 Jun 2017 - by Graham

It seems like only a few weeks ago that we were announcing Freestyle Fridays at Sevenoaks as the new big thing. We published a schedule for the year and even made posters. But things have changed and Freestyle Fridays are off the calendar for the time being, so what happened?

Simply put, our regulars wanted to see more classes and fewer freestyles, so we have responded and changed our schedule accordingly. When you launch a new venue it can take a while for the local advertising to really start to work and so at the beginning we had a greater percentage of experienced dancers coming to us than new people. Recently however we have seen a lot of first-time dancers arrive, and what they have told us is that they want more classes and more teaching so they improve faster. Well that's no problem for us, so more classes it is.

And then there's tango. Since we started our introductory tango classes we have had more and more people show an interest in coming along to those, and so we needed to make space to fit them into the schedule as well as the modern jive. The diary was starting to look a bit too full, so we decided that Freestyle Fridays would have to step back for a while to make space.

There is plenty of freestyle to be had on every class night from around 9.40pm to 11.00pm anyway, with our usual range of music that you have all said you like.

And we are already planning some dedicated freestyle evenings for the future, so watch this space.

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