Dancing in the Heat

21 Jun 2017 - by Graham

It has been seriously hot for the last couple of weeks in Oxted and Sevenoaks, and with the weather hitting temperatures rarely seen in the UK we briefly considered announcing that Hurst Green would be clothes-optional this Thursday as a way to help keep cool!*

But whilst the weather might be great for barbecues and water sports there are a few important things to remember when you go out dancing in these temperatures:

  1. Drink lots. Avoid alcohol and drink as much water as you can or you will get dehydrated really quickly. Even if you don't make yourself ill at the time, getting dehydrated is a great way to get the nightmare of all hangovers the following day, so drink as much as you can throughout the evening.
  2. Wash before you go out dancing. It is not sweat that smells, it is bacteria. If you make sure you wash well before heading out to class then no matter how sweaty you get you should not really start to smell.
  3. Take a towel. We all know that everyone is going to get sweaty when dancing in this heat and most people are fine with that to a point. But eventually you need to mop up, so take a small hand-towel with you and dry off from time to time.
  4. Take spare clothes. Sometimes towels and cool air is not enough and you need to get changed. Lots of people take three or four tops with them for an evening so getting changed is perfectly normal.
  5. Pace yourself. Take breaks and cool down as much as you can throughout the evening.

Do these things and dancing will be just as much fun in the hot weather as it is in normal temperatures.

*No, Hurst Green isn't really clothes-optional this week. But if that's something you'd like to try then just ask... 😉

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