Jivebeat Mini: Tango - Which foot next?

05 Jul 2017 - by Graham

When dancing tango, one of the main things that confuses beginners is which foot to use next. When do I swap feet? Where should my weight be? Why is walking so hard!?

Hopefully this short video will help!

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Jivebeat Mini-Videos

04 Jul 2017 - by Graham

Our LeRoc Basics videos have proven quite useful and popular since we posted them, so we have decided to add to them with a series of Jivebeat Mini Videos looking at all sorts of dance-related things and stuff we never get around to mentioning in the class. These will cover footwork, technique, exercises, dance culture, history... basically anything we think might be interesting to you. They will all be on our YouTube channel (Jivebeat) and our Facebook page (Jivebeat Dance), but we will post links to them here as well as we release them.

Here's a little introduction so you can see what they are like.

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