From the Dance Floor

14 Apr 2017 - by Graham

Running any club or class like Jivebeat can be scary at times, as you never really know what people think or if they like what you are doing. So when we receive comments like this, it absolutely makes everything worthwhile.

"Way back in January 2016, my New Years resolution was to try out Ceroc but my battles with shyness & anxiety won over, a year went by & I had done nothing about it. Then in February this year, I found out that Jivebeat (Leroc - similar to ceroc) was starting up in Sevenoaks just 3 miles from home & on a Friday night - No more excuses. I went along to the launch night & loved every minute. I've gone along every Friday since, I've been learning to dance, have met some lovely people & made some new friends. Being a Friday is such a bonus as there are no early mornings the following day. So if you fancy learning modern jive with a very friendly & welcoming group, come along." Georgina

(Reproduced with permission)

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