Strictly is back!

11 Sep 2017 - by Graham

Unless you've been living off the grid for the last couple of months you will know by now that the new season of "Strictly Come Dancing" - "Strictly" - is back on our tellyboxes until Christmas. After the first few weeks of practice and training are over, Saturday nights on the BBC will become the home of dancing, the centre of dance-related conversation, and something that everyone will have an opinion about. It's a national institution - international if you count all the "Dancing With The Stars" franchises and spin-offs that are all over the world - and you are unlikely to be able to escape it for months. There will be controversy, gossip, accusations, surprise, but love it or hate it there's nothing else that gets people talking so much about dance.

As always, the first controversy to meet any series of Strictly is "So who are all these so-called 'celebrities' anyway?" A lot of people seem to think that in order for someone to be called a 'celebrity' they have to be as famous as Brad Pitt or Nicole Kidman, and there's no doubt that some of the contestants on this year's competition are less than well-known to me. I had to look a few of them up, and I'm still referring to them by the colour of their outfits rather than their names so I'd agree that they are somewhat less than household names. But you know what? I don't care.

To me, the joy of watching Strictly is to see people try something that they've never done before and learn to be good at it. People who have never so much as wiggled their hips to a tune learn to foxtrot and rumba, and in the process many of them learn to love dance and make it a part of their lives. No, I don't know who all of them are, but that's not the point. I'd be happy to see contestants drawn from the general public doing the same thing. Their fame isn't what attracts me to the programme; I watch it to see people grow, to discover something about themselves, to learn a new skill and develop a love for it that they would never have expected.

How many of us turned up to our first dance class with no idea of what to expect? How many of us just went along for a laugh or to try it out because a friend told us to, then got hooked and couldn't give it up? We all had our own personal "Strictly journey" at some point in our dancing lives, and that's what makes Strictly special to me. It is the story of people having that experience for themselves.

So let me finish with a catch-phrase of one of the country's most well-loved entertainers, the inimitable Sir Bruce Forsythe...

Keeeeeeep dancing!!!

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