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Jivebeat LeRoc

LeRoc Modern Jive is the most popular partner dance style across the U.K. and is usually described as being like Salsa with simpler footwork. But don't mistake 'simpler' for 'uninteresting', as Jivebeat LeRoc has as much or as little footwork and styling as you want. We teach you the basics, then show you how to build on that with more complicated steps, a greater use of frame and hold, and how to add musicality into your dancing to make it as simple or expressive as you want it to be.

Modern Jive is danced in an open hand-to-hand hold and is an ideal way to get fit, as the fundamental routines are low impact and suitable for all fitness levels but can build and get more energetic as you progress. [see more...]

Argentine Tango

There are many approaches to teaching Argentine Tango, from the completely traditional where tango must be danced to music from the "Golden Age" (1935-1950), to the modern or "Neotango" using up-to-date music and a relaxed teaching method. At Jivebeat, we take a Contemporary route, as our tango classes are taught in a similar way to the approach we use to teach LeRoc, and we play blues music, country, electrotango, modern ballads, rock, and only the occasional traditional tango track.

Tango is often seen being danced at freestyles and social events as it has a more 'traditional' look than LeRoc. It is a dance of timing, balance, and musical interpretation, and is a valuable addition to your dance tool box. [see more...]

Whichever dance style you choose, Jivebeat Dance is first and foremost about having fun. Our evenings are social events as much as they are classes, a time to chill out with your friends, enjoy the music, and dance. For most events and classes you don't even need to bring a partner and more people arrive on their own than arrive as couples. You will always find someone to dance with. Simply pick someone who doesn't seem to be doing anything at the moment and say "Would you like to dance?" It's that easy.

Choose your style... and dance!


We want to provide the best selection of music for you to dance to, but we may not have heard of your favourite track. So if you have a favourite you would like added into the playlist for the freestyle part of the evening then let us know either at the venue or through this website and we'll see what we can do.

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