Dance-floor Etiquette

LeRoc is a dance without many formal rules, so it can sometimes appear that it's a bit of a free-for-all and anything goes. Within the scope of the dancing itself that may be true, but if dancing is going to be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.... and after all, why else would we do it if it wasn't enjoyable... then there has to be consideration and compromise in some areas.

This is not a complete list as much of this is really common sense, but these are some of the things that have caused issues at other venues in the past, so they are worth mentioning.

Look where you are going

Floor-craft, as it is called, is as important a skill as the dancing itself, and does take a bit of getting used to. In the beginning you are so focussed on getting the steps right that you forget completely about everyone else and just get on with the dancing. But spare a thought for the others around you and try not to launch your partner into the path of another dancer... or if you are the one following and you see your lead is about to step into someone else, guide them away. No-one will want to come back to a venue if they are constantly being buffeted from behind, or have had a spike-heel jammed through their foot (that hurts... a lot... as I can personally attest) so be aware of what is going on around you and dance into the spaces.

Personal hygiene

There is no getting away from it... dance is something that requires two people to be in close proximity to each other for a significant period of time, and some things can make this a less than pleasant experience. We all sweat when dancing, that is something that cannot be avoided, but clean clothes and a clean person will minimise the smell. Clean your teeth or use a mouthwash before you go out as a blast of lunchtime's garlic mushrooms will do nothing to endear you to your partner. Take a change of clothes, particularly shirts for men. A lot of people will take three or four tops to a dance evening and get changed regularly, and this keeps everything fresh and clean.

Crossing the dance floor

Assuming you are not actually dancing, the best way to cross the dance floor is... don't. Your maths teacher may have told you that the shortest distance between any two points is a straight line, but when it comes to getting from one side of the floor to the other the only way to do it is to go around. And never ever carry your drinks across the middle of the floor as they will get spilled and someone will step in the puddle and end up hurting themselves or damaging their shoes.

Asking and accepting

LeRoc is not the sort of dance where the ladies sit demurely at the side of the room waiting for the men to ask them for a dance. No, everyone asks everyone, so if you see someone you want to dance with, ask!

And the other side of that is... if someone asks you for a dance, say yes! Unless you are actually on your way to the toilet or are still recovering from the last five tracks where you never got to sit down, just go for it.


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