Our teacher will instruct you at your own pace to get you ready for your first dance.

You tell us the music you want to dance to, and we do the rest.

Own Home - £30 per hour

Private lessons for two people (leader and follower) in your own home.

Local hall / studio - £50 per hour

As above, but in a local hall or dance studio.


Prices and availability based on lessons being local to NW Kent.

Wedding Dance

You are getting ready for the big day, with the location booked, the reception planned, guest invitations sent out... but then you remember the First Dance! That moment when you have to step out onto the dance floor with your new partner and dance in front of all your guests...

But you have no idea how to dance!

So do you just walk into the middle of the floor and sway gently to Michael Bublé in close embrace until your guests stand up to rescue you, or do you learn something a bit more interesting and amaze them all with your new-found talent?

Private Lessons

We can provide private lessons in your own home if you have room, or in a local hall or studio, where you can learn at your own pace. You pick the music that you want for that first dance, then we will teach you how to dance to it to make the moment memorable for all the right reasons.

Improvised or Choreographed?

LeRoc is traditionally an improvised dance, meaning that dancers learn a series of moves or steps that can be joined together in almost any order to work with the music. But it can also be choreographed, meaning you plan - then dance - a set routine to a specific song.

When we start working with you on your First Dance we will begin by teaching you the absolute fundamentals and showing you how to improvise the basics. Once you have a basic understanding of that and can dance a few of the moves together, we will move on to creating your dance to the music you have chosen. At that point we can decide if you want a fully choreographed routine, or to learn the techniques needed to improvise your way through your song.

How Long Does It Take?

Assuming you practice between lessons, most people should be able to learn their dance in somewhere between six to ten one-hour weekly sessions.

Teaching in your Home

We would need a clear space of around 4-5 metres long by 2-3 metres wide to be able to teach in your home, ideally with a smooth floor rather than carpet. Once you have learned most of the routine we would recommend moving to a studio or local hall for the final few lessons so you can learn how to make use of all the extra space.


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