Photographs from our events

The Jivebeat crew and equipment are appearing in more and more places these days, as we run events, provide sound, lighting, and dance demonstrations for fairs, and of course continue to run our unique dance evenings. Here are some of the photographs we took at these events...

Orpington Priory Live, 2017

12th August 2017

Not directly dance-related, but we were there to promote the Jivebeat brand and get the name in front of as many people as possible. We did some dancing as well (photos of that to follow soon), and talked about Jivebeat between the bands playing.

Incidentally, you can hire this PA system from us, with a DJ / operator, at very competitive rates. So if you're having a party and need some music then give us a call.


Jivebeat Sevenoaks - Red and Black

17th February 2017

It was only our third week at Sevenoaks but we couldn't let Valentine's day pass without doing something about it. We wanted to keep it simple, so we had a "Red and Black" themed class night.


Jivebeat Sevenoaks Launch Night

3rd February 2017

These were all taken at the first night of our Sevenoaks venue.

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