LeRoc is an extremely popular dance that is known by a number of different names... Modern Jive, French Jive, as well as a whole range of branded variations. But whatever name you use, LeRoc started when French Modern Jive (or Le Bop) arrived at a club in London in the early 1970s. People saw its potential and its popularity, and started to develop the dance into the LeRoc we know today.

LeRoc is a partner dance, often described as a fusion of traditional jive, salsa, and other latin influences, but with simplified footwork to make it easier to pick up. It is danced in an open hand-to-hand hold, so is less intimidating for people new to dance who don't like the idea of suddenly becoming up close and personal with a stranger, and is danced on the beat to current popular music. So if you can tap your toe to the top forty, you're halfway there!

Jivebeat LeRoc is first and foremost about having fun. Our evenings are social events as much as they are classes, a time to chill out with your friends, enjoy the music, and dance. You don't even need to bring a partner... in fact more people arrive on their own than arrive as couples. You will always find someone to dance with. Simply pick someone who doesn't seem to be doing anything at the moment and say "Would you like to dance?" It's that easy.

Keeping you fit without the gym

How many of us have signed up to a gym - probably in January - with the intention of getting fit and healthy, then only gone along for a few weeks as there was nothing to keep you motivated? Staring at four blank walls, or watching bad MTV videos whilst spinning away on a soulless cycling machine under fluorescent lighting is not my idea of fun.

But dancing is at least as good as going to the gym, certainly for the aerobic side of things, and you are far more likely to enjoy it and want to keep going. So save your money on gym fees and find yourself a dance class instead.


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