Jivebeat LeRoc - Fundamental Moves

Have you ever got home from a class and realised that you can't remember anything you just learned? You got spun around too many times, forgot everything you heard your teacher say, and now it's all just a blur. Did he say it was called a 'first move' even though we did it second? Was that a left-handed octopus? Why do they all have such silly names!?

Well worry not, because here are all the moves that we teach in our fundamentals classes in nice easy-to-follow videos. They are danced very simply and with little or no styling added to make them easier to follow, and start with one basic step to establish the timing and the rhythm.

The links below include 'Left', 'Right', or 'Both' in the caption, and this indicates which hand the leader uses to start the move. Remember that whichever hand the leader offers to start with, the follower should always take it in her right hand, unless she is offered a two-handed hold.

Left Hand

The move starts with the leader offering his left hand to the follower who takes it in her right hand.

Both Hands

The move starts in a two-handed hold, leader's left hand to follower's right, and leader's right hand to follower's left.

Right Hand

The move starts with the leader offering his right hand to the follower who takes it in her right hand.


If you want to try these out yourself, here are a few 'routines' that you can practise on your own. They all consist of three moves from the ones we have shown you above, and they can be looped again and again as they end in the same place as they start.

  1. First Move – Change of Place – Catapult
  2. Travelling Return – Basket – Push Spin
  3. Short Neck Break – Comb Mambo – Step Across + Return
  4. Change of Place – Lady Spin – Loophole
  5. Basket – Change of Place – Comb Mambo
  1. Travelling Return – First Move – Figure of Eight
  2. Change of Place – Sway – Lady Spin
  3. Figure of Eight – Short Neck Break – Catapult
  4. Push Spin – Basket – Loophole
  5. Basket – Short Neck Break – Lady Spin
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