Party prices depend on location, duration, and a number of other factors so it is hard to give a specific price list, but assuming your event is in Kent or east Surrey, some example prices are:

Basic Package £349

Provision of all PA, lighting, and other necessary equipment, a 30-40 minute introductory class, followed by 2-3 hours of music suitable for LeRoc dancing.

Teacher Only £99

Dance teacher only, giving a 30-40 minute introductory class.

Private Parties, Team-building Events, Fundraisers

Are you looking for something different for your party? What about a team-building exercise that your team will actually enjoy? Or maybe you are running a fundraising evening and want something a bit different to the usual meal followed by a disco.

Jivebeat Parties may well be exactly what you are looking for.

Party Time

The format of the evening is largely up to you, but typically it would start with a short introduction to Jivebeat LeRoc that would teach everyone a series of steps or moves that can be danced to almost any current music. We would then turn down the lights, cue the music, and watch the fun happen.

We provide the sound equipment, music, sufficient lighting for a small to medium sized hall, and a fully qualified and insured modern jive instructor accredited by the UKA. You would need to provide a hall with a suitable floor for dancing (not carpeted), adjacent parking for us to offload our equipment, power points for the PA and lights, and guests to come along and dance. That is all.

Fund Raising

We charge a fixed rate depending on the location and the duration of the event, not how many people attend. So if you want to raise money for your cause, charity, school, or anything else then simply sell tickets to your Jivebeat Party and any profits you make can go straight to your funds. As an example, if you charged £10 entry and your event was local to us (see the Prices panel for details) then you would only need to sell 20 tickets to cover our costs. Anything above that would be money raised for your cause.


Having your annual team get-together but want something a bit more interesting than a trip down the pub? Are you looking for something to break the ice at your midsummer or Christmas party? Let Jivebeat get things going with a LeRoc dance class.

Note: Jivebeat LeRoc is a partner-dance with a leader and a follower, so it works best when there is something approaching a gender balance in the room. If your team is predominantly one gender then this may be a good opportunity to invite partners along for the event.

Themed Events

Themed versions of the event are also possible, so if you are looking for a 1940s or 1980s evening, or maybe a Christmas party or black-tie ball then let us know.


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