Use of Data

All personal data, such as email address, name, home address, phone number, etc is collected solely for the purpose of managing the membership of Jivebeat and in ensuring that everyone has the best possible experience at our events. We will never sell, lend, or otherwise transfer your details to any third party without your explicit permission, unless required to do so by law.

We only use the mobile number you give us in cases of emergency, such as last-minute venue closures or fire safety procedures. We will never call you or spam you with texts.

By submitting your details to us, online or on a form at one of our events, you agree to receive occasional emails and newsletters from Jivebeat. You may opt out of these at any time, but please be aware that by opting out of the newsletter you may also stop receiving special offers and notifications of upcoming venue changes and closures.

Removal of Data

You may ask to have your data removed from our system at any time, and we will comply as soon as possible. This is, however, a manual process, so it may take a few days for any changes to take effect.

Please note also that by removing your data from our system you effectively terminate your membership of Jivebeat, and so if you wish to attend any of our events in future you will need to rejoin. There is currently no charge for this, but a charge may be introduced at a later date.


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