Terms and Conditions

  1. The Jivebeat team reserve the right to refuse you admission for any reason at any premises in which a Jivebeat event of any kind is being held.
  2. Any person who participates in dance classes run by Jivebeat shall do so at his/her own risk. He/she shall assume all risk involved, including but not limited to all loss or stolen property, cost, claim, injury, damage, or liability sustained while participating. Jivebeat will not be held liable for any misfortune that may occur.
  3. Anyone who refuses to comply with any reasonable requests made by the team, including but not limited to requirements specific to individual venues, requirements of safety, or requirements of acceptable behaviour, may be removed from the venue immediately.
  4. Loyalty points are collected by attending regular weekday class nights and paying full price or concession price for admission only. Loyalty points cannot be collected if discount vouchers are used, or if free entry is granted for any reason.
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