Jivebeat Tea Dances

From the moment we started Jivebeat we have been intending to run occasional tea dances or afternoon freestyles, but until recently we have not been able to find the right venue. But that's all about to change as we are very close to announcing our first Tea Dance event.

What happens at a Tea Dance?

There are no classes at our Tea Dances or Freestyles, you just turn up and dance so there's no pressure to learn anything or get things right... Actually there's no pressure even to dance if you don't want to so you can come along and chill with your friends or let it all out on the dance floor, whatever your mood on the day.

Unless an event is billed as having a particular theme, the music we play will be similar to the music after our classes with a range of styles to suit all different types of dance. So whether your preference is for ballroom, tango, modern jive, or something else, we will probably play something to suit.


We are a little way off announcing the venues at the moment, but as soon as we do they will be posted here. Watch this space!

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